I've always had a fond interest in visual arts, whether it was photographing the warmth of Fall foliage or filming a group of friends hanging out and editing it for us to watch and laugh at later. It wasn't until a knee injury in 2011, leaving me with plenty of idle time and a vast amount of creative energy, that Jon Alexander, the visual artist, was born.

My journey of understanding and perfecting my craft began in 2011, after I graduated from Full Sail University with a B.A. in Film production. Since then, my productions have accumulated over 700,000 views, and have been included in notable publications and online media outlets, such as PBS, The Nine Network of Public Media and ALIVE Magazine. I've worked with the likes of A3C Music Festival and Conference blog team, platinum selling recording artist, Joe Veras, and one of my favorite clients thus far, Strange Donuts! I've made it my life-long mission to guide that vision that's been burning a hole in your mind to reality, through still photography and motion pictures. Whatever story you'd like to tell, whatever product you're trying to sell, I am your Rosetta Stone for visuals. Ultimately, my goal is to produce visuals that consumers are able to connect with emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Saint Louis Live!: Jon Alexander – August 2017​​​​​​​
Fox 2 Interview – May 2017

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