I'm an Atlanta, GA based independent film director and writer committed to unwavering, empathetic visuals, challenging my viewers’ reality and propelling them into thought provoking conversations. Throughout my career I have had experience directing, writing and filming commercial, documentary and narrative visuals. 
With an emphasis on empathy in all of my work, I ensure that my viewers walk away with thoughts and ideas that may challenge their original beliefs, opening up a new way of viewing life through their own eyes. This is achieved through a careful process of research and due diligence, in order to provide transparent stories based on real world experiences.
My experience also extends to directing and editing branded content for small mom and pop brands as well as businesses that are more established, through realizing their needs and translating them into alluring visuals. Working within public media has honed my skills in delivering content that is short and to the point, hitting on all topics needed within a timely manner, and content with a little more room to tell a more in-depth story.

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